There’s no separating Ardray from its homeland of Scotland, but unlike other Scotch whiskies, it isn’t only the history and tradition of Scottish whisky makers that inspired us – it’s those of Japanese blenders, too. 


Ardray is our interpretation of Scotch whisky’s rich and varied history and the possibilities for its future by bringing together the rich terroir of Scotland and the tradition of Japan.


The Suntory blenders began Ardray’s journey focusing on the same blended Scotch whiskies from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that first inspired Suntory’s founder, Shinjiro Torii. These are the legendary blends that pioneered Scotch’s worldwide expansion and global success. Their richness and depth of flavour served as the guiding light of the Ardray blending process and helped bring Torii-san's vision full circle. 


How is Ardray made?

To capture that distinctly Scottish taste, the Suntory team analysed how each distillery’s terroir and processes contribute to the flavour and character of their whiskies.  With this knowledge, the blenders were able to focus on their artistry and select whiskies that would create a multi-layered taste and balance the best of what Scotland has to offer. 

Through a meticulous blending process, the blending team pinpointed the perfect malt-rich ratio where neither the malts nor grains dominated the flavour, but instead elevated the entire blend.

Who are the master blenders?

Ardray may taste of Scotland, but its Japanese accent is courtesy of Suntory’s award-winning blending team.

Suntory’s blenders approached Ardray with an exacting precision and an artistic approach. They celebrated the craft of blending whisky, honed in Scotland, and drew on the history, heritage and experience that makes Scotch so highly regarded. 

The Suntory blending philosophy emphasises deep care and meticulous attention to detail. The team went to great lengths to understand the essence and excellence of Scotch whiskies throughout history. 



Expression of a Quest

The heritage, tradition, and wild terroir of Scotland. The delicate artistry of Suntory blenders from Japan.


Ardray is a Blended Scotch whisky that challenges expectations. Each bottle holds a fresh perspective on what Blended Scotch whisky can be.


ardray cliffside and ocean story card

Experience at Home

We hope you get to enjoy Ardray’s fresh approach to blended Scotch whisky.


It was designed for someone just like you, a curious Scotch whisky enthusiast. So, pour a glass. Take your first few sips. And savour what the experience has to offer.

ardray holding glass with blended scotch whisky

Whisky Stories

Ardray is for the open-minded, and designed to be enjoyed.


We love how it sparks conversations, thoughts, and even debates. We hope you enjoy Ardray’s fresh approach to blended Scotch whisky in an environment where you can taste, think, and talk freely with a fellow whisky enthusiast.

ardray gathering with whisky bottle on table