The art of blending with Christopher Coates

Discover a fresh perspective on blended Scotch Whisky with our friends at Whisky Magazine.

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Ardray blended Scotch whisky being shared

A blend of Exquisite Balance

A surprisingly inviting creamy mouthfeel with a lasting finish blended whisky.


With aromas of creamy sweetness with hints of apple, pear and plum,.

SIp it first

A malt-rich Scotch Blend, where neither malts nor grains dominate, but rather, complement and elevate each other.


Driven by taste and character. Ardray is a beautifully complex, yet approachable whisky.

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Expression of a Quest

The heritage, tradition, and wild terroir of Scotland. The delicate artistry of Suntory blenders from Japan.


Ardray is a Blended Scotch whisky that challenges expectations. Each bottle holds a fresh perspective on what Blended Scotch whisky can be.

ardray cliffside and ocean story card

Experience at Home

We hope you get to enjoy Ardray’s fresh approach to blended Scotch whisky.


It was designed for someone just like you, a curious Scotch whisky enthusiast. So, pour a glass. Take your first few sips. And savour what the experience has to offer.

ardray holding glass with blended scotch whisky

Whisky Stories

Ardray is for the open-minded, and designed to be enjoyed.


We love how it sparks conversations, thoughts, and even debates. We hope you enjoy Ardray’s fresh approach to blended Scotch whisky in an environment where you can taste, think, and talk freely with a fellow whisky enthusiast.

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